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Hogwarts Anew

Site Rules


General Code of Conduct

Members of Hogwarts Anew agree to follow the rules and keep the site a safe place. If anything in the rules is unclear, you may contact the Governors to help clear anything up.


Site Rating

Hogwarts Anew is rated PG-13 and anything found to be above that rating will be removed.


Violence, Gore, and Sexual Content

Excess violence and gore are not allowed on the site as well as anything sexual.


General Posting

Netspeak is not allowed in character or out of character. Gifs are to be limited to Out of Character forums only. Member are reminded to never post any personal information of the forum such as full names, locations, etc. Copyrighted materials are not allowed on the site, and everything must be credited if it is not your own work.



Avatars may only be used after you make 5 posts and your face claim has been approved. Please keep images inside of posts limited.



Hogwarts Anew's administrators are called Governors. Ultimately the Chairman of Board has final say on anything that happens on the site.


Rules Changes

Rules may be changed by the Governors with our without notice.

Theodore Cross
Chairman of the Board of Governors
Hogwarts Headmaster

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