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Sabrina had had a very long couple of days. After the previous Minister left due to public unrest, Sabrina has been elected. It was no secret that the previous minister had issues with Headmaster Cross and they we not friendly towards each other. But Sabrina was determined to not follow the same suite.


Sabrina took a piece of parchment and addressed it to @Prof. Theodore Cross. She requested that he meet her at the Ministry at his earliest convenience. Sabrina passed the parchment to her secretary, after signing and sealing it, for sending. 


Sabrina wondered what the headmaster was like. She had heard that he was a great professor, and but was new to the Headmaster position as well.

Sabrina Crow

Minister of Magic

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Theodore made his way to the Ministry after receiving Sabrina's letter. He knew that the political scheme has been restless, but he didn't know who exactly how bad it must have been. Theodore had heard about Sabrina many times throughout the years, including her work during the second wizarding war.


Theodore made it to level one and exited the left he had been taking. He had been on this level of the ministry many times, letting his feet automatically take him to the minister's office. Once inside the lobby of the office, he waited for the secretary to motion him forward. "I am here to see Minister Crow on her request," Theodore announced. After a few moments, he was led to the Minister's office.


"Hello, Minister." Theodore greeted.

Theodore Cross
Chairman of the Board of Governors
Hogwarts Headmaster

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