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Prof. Rebecca Kirby

Professor Kirby's Desk

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*You walk up to the Divinations Tower and you see the door to the Tower. You walk through the Divinations Classroom, which has the familiar scent of incense, and head to the other side. You find the door to the Professor's Office and know. You hear a summons and you open the door. You see Professor Kirby sat behind her desk, the Crystal Ball glowing slightly. She looks up, and smiles.*


Hello, come in and take a seat!

If you have any questions about Divination. or anything else pertaining to me, please ask below and I'll get back to you!

If it's urgent, feel free to send me an owl.


Rebecca Kirby

Divinations Professor

Head of Gryffindor House

Quidditch Ref and Co-Ordinator

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