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  1. Arya stood with Theo, "Thank you, you didn't have to pay. But I appreciate it. I cannot wait to be back home able to bathe in a proper bath again." She said with a sleepy smile. Smoothing her skirt, she began toward the school.
  2. Arya balked at the theory, "The ministry is the last set of people who should set foot in Africa to make changes." She shook her head carefully, feeling the events of the day weighing on her. "Do you want to head back to the school with me?" She looked around noticing the bar had emptied considerably.
  3. The Governors have the pleasure to announce that Hogwarts and abroad are now open for posting! Feel free to post around the castle, in the common rooms, in Hogsmeade and more! More locations will be coming in time. We look forward to seeing everyone's creative postings.
  4. Arya sighed, "They are a lot more homeopathic down there, lots of potions and divination, not much by way of charms. But the divination seems to help with their transfugurstion. Most wizards do not have formalized training, it's all very family and community oriented." She began to become excited talking about the different regions she had visited in the past 3 months, throwing her hands up describing where different communities lie, "The communities that focus most of potions also follow a lot of herbology. It's quite interesting to see the split between northern and southern cultures." She took a breath realizing she was rambling a bit. She reached over and took a sip of her whisky smiling kindly at Theodore.
  5. Arya smiled, "I had an amazing time in Africa, but I'm so happy to be home and back to every day work. The magical culture in Africa is so different. It was quite the adjustment for the last three months." Taking a sip of her whisky, "How have things been here? Any big changes in my absence?"
  6. Arya made her way into The Three Broomsticks after a long day of travel. Her time in Africa had been interesting so say the least. She's glad to finally be back in Hogsmeade, she had been away for too long. She made her way to the bar, "I'll take a Fire Whisky please." Taking her drink to a nearby seat she began to watch the variety of people who have grown Hogsmeade into the small community it is. As she scanned the crowd she recognized a familiar head of hair, what is he doing at the bar, he's never here. Slowly she made her way over, "Theo? I wasn't expecting to see you until I made it to Hogwarts later tonight! How are you?" She took the stool next to him gracefully.
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