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  1. Sofia entered the Headmaster's office. She glanced around and was in awe of how big and glorious it was. There were so many portraits, books, and trinkets. "Thank you, sir." Sofia replied. She could get used to Hogwarts, Sofia though to herself. The parts of the castle that she had seen so far were amazing. Unlike most of the people she knew, she had not attended Hogwarts rather she went to Ilvermorny while she live in America.
  2. Did You Say Dragons? Lesson One has been posted.

  3. Sofia walked over the care of magical creatures classroom in the summer annex. Making her way to the front of the classroom she conjured the blackboard that had been in her office. All the information the students needed was already on it. Sofia read the board over once again and then took a seat at the desk at the front of the class waiting the students.
  4. Sofia made her way to the second floor, following the directions that the Headmaster had sent her earlier. She was both excited and nervous. Sofia had heard stories about the Hogwarts Headmaster being young but ambitious and intelligent beyond his years. She just hoped she did not mess up anything during her interview. Making her way down a corridor lined with gargoyles, Sofia came to the largest of the Gargoyles in gold. "Espresso." Sofia spoke and the gargoyle moved, revealing moving staircase. She stepped one on the steps and was transported to the top of a tower. Talk about magical, Sofia thought. She then took a deep breath and knocked on the large oak door.
  5. Did You Say Dragons? Hogwarts Anew Summer Term One Signup To signup for this course, reply to this topic with the code at them bottom of this post. Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Brooklyn Williams Slytherin Alexander Knight Name: House: Year:
  6. Did You Say Dragons? Hogwarts Anew Summer Term One Course Format This course will be self-paced. That means that all the lessons will be posted at the star of term and you will have until the end of term to complete the lessons. How to Pass the Course To successfully pass this course, you must make three posts in each lesson. Course Topics: Lesson One: What Are Dragons? Lesson Two: Chinese Fireball Lesson Three: Common Welsh Green Credit: This course will be taking reference from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling
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