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Benjamin Crooks

Slytherin First Year
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  1. Looking forward to the feast beginning!

  2. #2 Benjamin noticed more and more students entering the hall, many he did not recognize. That was always the great thing about Hogwarts, so many people. Benjamin continued waiting for the feast to begin, looking up at the staff table as it began to fill. He noticed the Headmaster looked happy.
  3. Benjamin entered the classroom and immediately stopped. When he heard they were going to be studying muggle films, he assumed it was going to be by watching them, not by being in them! Benjamin took in what the girl had said to him, he assumed she must be the main character of the movie. "Okay, thank you," Benjamin said and moved a little off to the side and began examining the area. It was like nothing he had seen before, truly amazing.
  4. Benjamin was excited to see what Charms had to bring this term. When he entered the classroom, it literally took his breath away. It was like he had been transported out into the wilderness. "Wow," Benjamin explained. He removed his wand from his bag, and after reading the chalkboard made his way over to the front of the tent. Benjamin took in his surrounds as he awaited the professor to arrive.
  5. Benjamin entered the History of Magic classroom, ready for another term. Upon looking at the blackboard, he stopped in his tracks. The portrait just had some much emotion in it, he could not help but feel the pain. Benjamin reminded himself that was only a portrait and made his way to a seat in the middle of the room. "Hello, Professor!" Benjamin greeted as he began to remove his quill and parchment to take notes.
  6. Name: Benjamin Crooks House: Slytherin Year: First
  7. Name: Benjamin Crooks House: Slytherin Year: First
  8. Name: Benjamin Crooks House: Slytherin Year: First
  9. #1 Benjamin entered the great hall, excited to see what the new term had in store for him and his classmates. He had begged his parents to let him stay for the summer term, even though it was not technically required. Benjamin wanted to spend as time as he could, while he could, at the school. He made his way over to the Slytherin table and took a seat in the middle of the large table.
  10. Benjamin Crooks Eleven ; Single; Slytherin thankyou cora hale at rpg-d
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