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  1. Onyxia smiled at her students and raised a brow when Mili rushed in and nearly fell into her seat. Onyx watched the red-faced first year with mild concern and nodded slightly when she squeaked out her apology. "That's okay love. Peeves is a pain that we all must endure, professors included." She gave Mili a soft smile and turned her attention to the board. "Okay students. Are we ready to begin?"
  2. Lesson One: Learning the Basics When you enter the classroom, you are surprised to find that it is bright and cheery within, nothing at all like what you would expect from a course that teaches you how to defeat dark wizards. Various pictures and relics surround the walls, adding even more contrast as most of them are relics and photos that reflect how dark a wizard can truly be. Most of these pictures are stills, like muggle photographs, that capture battles between the good and bad. The most prominent photo is at the head of the classroom, behind Professor Onyxia's desk. It features her and an unknown wizard going head to head in a heated battle. The professor was sitting at her desk and as you enter, she look up and offers you a warm smile. "Please take your seat children. We will begin shortly. I ask that you please bring out your copy of "Standard Book of Spells" and have ink and a quill ready for notes."
  3. Onyxia was always happy for the start of term feasts, and this year was no different. She had not only been promoted to a new teaching position, but she was now the Head of House to Gryffindor, and she couldn't be happier. Wearing a deep red dress to match her house colors, she complimented it with a gold cloak and a simple black witch's hat. She entered through the staff door on the side of the hall and took her seat next to Agatha and Theodore. A bright smile stayed what seemed permanently on her face and she beamed with pride at her fellow Gryffindors. Onyx couldn't be more at peace and was eager for the food to appear, and the festivities of the start of term to begin.
  4. DADA801 - Class Signup & Roster Gryffindor Hufflepuff Bianca Price - 1st year Ravenclaw Slytherin To register for this class, reply to this topic with the following code: Name: House: Year:
  5. DADA801 Prof. Onyxia Tillers Summer Term 2019 Requirements to Pass This Course In order to successfully pass this course, you must post at least 3 times in each lesson. Each of these posts should add something to the lesson wither it be entering the room, talking to other students, answering questions, or more. Each post should be at a minimum of three sentences, in order to receive credit. Topics to be Covered Lesson One - Basics in Duelling Lesson Two - Beginners Spells; Flipendo, Rictusempra, Expelliarmus and if there is time, a very advanced spell for first years; Protego Lesson Three - Mock duel
  6. Onyxia took the cup and smiled, “Thank you.” She turned her attention to Arya, “I wasn’t expecting to stay actually, but Agatha tempted me with tea.” She laughed and took a sip of the hot tea, sighing in content. “This is as lovely as it smells! I am very excited for the students to return. After finishing my training for Defense Against the Dark Arts, I’m hopeful I have a lot to teach them. Speaking of..” she paused and looked at Theodore , “Have we found a replacement yet for Care of Magical Creatures?”
  7. After grabbing her book, she moves closer and nods enthusiastically to Agatha. “I would love a cup, thank you.” Onyxia sits down and places the book in her lap before turning to Theodore. “I have been quite busy actually. I was hoping to have my term completely planned out already and I’m not nearly where I want to be.” She laughs softly and shakes her head. “After taking over Defense Against the Dark Arts, I feel like I need to go back to studying.”
  8. Onyxia brushed her hair out of her face with annoyance as she made her way into the staff room. She needed to finish a package for her family and had left one of the books for a younger cousin in the corner of the room where she usually sat. Upon entering, she noticed the headmaster and Agatha sitting in quiet conversation near the fire and Onyxia threw up a friendly wave and gave a warm smile to the two. “Ah, hello Theodore, Agatha. What a pleasure to see you both.” Onyxia paused, smelling the sweet scent of freshly brewed tea. “That smells delightful Agatha. You’ll have to tell me how you’ve made that.” She offered another smile and moved to the corner of the room where her gift lay.
  9. Name: Onyxia Tillers Position/Hogwarts House: Professor of DADA and HoH of Gryffindor ✔️Vault Created - Gringotts Goblin
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