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  1. Thanks, @Zack Owler and @Prof. Theodore Cross! Don't forget to express your interest in Quidditch!
  2. Check out Quidditch sign ups in the Grounds!

  3. Welcome to Quidditch! I am Professor Kirby, and I will be running Quidditch here at Hogwarts Anew! As I am currently in the process of setting up Quidditch, please post below if you would be interested in playing? Rules and Game Play will be posted one I have an idea of how many people will play.
  4. Divinations Syllabus - Term 1 Welcome to Divinations! Here you will find the course Syllabus for Term 1. Divinations Prof. Rebecca Kirby Hogwarts Anew, Term One Requirements to Pass This Course In order to pass Divinations this term, you will need to complete the assignment posted at the end of each lesson. This will be graded out of 20 and posted in the Gradebook, which you can find in the Divinations Classroom. Please make sure to use your own ideas and work - this subject does require work, so please do try. You will receive a total grade out of 200, and the pass-rate is 120+ for an A, 150+ for an E, and 180+ for an O grade. Topics to be Covered Lesson One - Introduction to Divinations: this lesson will involve an introduction to the world of Divination and an overview of topics to come. Lesson Two - Cartomancy: here we will study the cards and learn their meanings, spreads and patterns. Lesson Three - Crystallomancy: this lesson focuses on Crystal Gazing, in which we will delve deep into the spirits and sights. Lesson Four - Tasseography: tea! We shall be studying tealeaf reading in lesson four, understanding how leaves form and what they mean. Lesson Five - Runic Divination: in lesson five we progress onto Runic Divination, understanding runes and their places. Lesson Six - Elemental Divination: our final lesson will be on Divination using the elements at work. Lesson Seven - Examination: two papers, one theory and one practical, worth 40 points each.
  5. *You walk up to the Divinations Tower and you see the door to the Tower. You walk through the Divinations Classroom, which has the familiar scent of incense, and head to the other side. You find the door to the Professor's Office and know. You hear a summons and you open the door. You see Professor Kirby sat behind her desk, the Crystal Ball glowing slightly. She looks up, and smiles.* Hello, come in and take a seat! If you have any questions about Divination. or anything else pertaining to me, please ask below and I'll get back to you! If it's urgent, feel free to send me an owl.
  6. Thank you, very much! I’m looking forward to leading Gryffindor House and teaching Divination 🙂
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