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  1. Tempest was organizing her office when she heard a knock. "Come in," Tempest called. There were so much to do before the start of term. Just then a trunk rattled, Tempest glanced and realized it was here her boggart was stored for an upcoming lesson.
  2. The Office of Professor Tempest Opal Slytherin Head of House Professor Coordinator Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor
  3. Tempest contemplated what Theodore was explaining. "It makes sense, but why would he think Hogwarts is a threat? We're a school, not an army!" Tempest said. This was all sounding weird, Tempest hated politics.
  4. Tempest laughed. "You know me too well, I'm always game for a good dangerous adventure." Tempest replied. But when Theodore mentioned the Ministry, Tempest was intrigued. "Actually now that you mention it, the Minister tried to contact me when I was aboard. But I never got back to him. Why do you ask?" Tempest continued. It was odd because she had done some work for the Ministry but she had no real ties there. Tempest glanced at all the portraits around, taking in the greatness of the room.
  5. Tempest took a seat where Theodore has motioned. "Good to hear! I've been keeping busy, I just got back from Albania. I heard whisperings of a ghoul that needed banishing. I took care of that." Tempest chuckled. People always underestimated her because of her size, that was their first mistake. "You look good behind that desk." Tempest stated.
  6. Tempest heard the command and entered the Headmaster's office. "Hey Theodore." Tempest greeted. She made her way further into the room towards the headmaster's desk. "So, how are you settling into the big new office?" Tempest chuckled. She looked around at the many portraits surrounding the walls of the office. The newest one, Tempest observed, was that of Minerva. She was going to miss seeing her every day. The office was rather bare but that was to be expected as it looked as Theodore was still moving in.
  7. Tempest made her way to the seventh floor where the statue of the golden gargoyle that guarded the entrance to the Headmaster's office. "Espresso." Tempest called and waited for the gargoyle to reveal the staircase. Once they appeared, Tempest made her way to the top of them and arrived at the large oak door. Tempest knocked and awaited a reply. She had made her up these very stairs many times before but this time was a little different. There was now a new Headmaster in the office, and it happened to be one of Tempests close friends.
  8. Kristen Chenoweth
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