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  1. Class roster has been updated. 😎

  2. Start of term feasts were always one of the highlights of the term for Agatha. This one was no different. Agatha made her way to the great hall, wearing her signature Slytherin emerald green dress. She had to represent her lovely house of course. Once entering the Great Hall Agatha noticed a good amount of students there already, many of them her Slytherins. Agatha took her spot at the staff table smiling and nodding at Theodore. She was so hungry already.
  3. Charms 801 - Lesson One: Avis Upon entering the charms classroom you are immersed into the see above. To your right is a chalkboard stating that you will be learning the spell Avis today. It also instructs you gather around the tent in front of you and wait for the professor to join.
  4. Happy start of term! 🎉

  5. CHA801- Charms in Nature Prof. Agatha Opal Summer Term 2019 Requirements to Pass This Course In order to successfully pass this course, you must post at least 3 times in each lesson. Each of these posts should add something to the lesson wither it be entering the room, talking to other students, answering questions, or more. Each post should be at a minimum of three sentences, in order to receive credit. Topics to be Covered Lesson One: Avis - Conjures a Flock of Birds Lesson Two: Engorgio - Will Be used to Enlarge Pumpkins Lesson Three: Erecto - Assembles a Tent
  6. CHA801 - Class Signup & Roster Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin Benjamin Crooks - First Year To register for this class, reply to this topic with the following code: [b]Name:[/b] [b]House:[/b] [b]Year:[/b]
  7. Agatha smiled at the group. She just knew that Onyxia was going to do well this term in her new subject. Glancing at the clock on the wall, Agatha was startled. "Oh, I did not realize it was so late. I need to prepare for a meeting with my old mentor." Agatha commented. "Have a great rest of your day, everyone," Agatha said as she made her exit from the room.
  8. So many things to do! 😊

  9. Happy Easter everyone!


    1. Prof. Theodore Cross

      Prof. Theodore Cross (G)

      Looking very festive, Agatha!

    2. Prof. Agatha Opal

      Prof. Agatha Opal

      Thanks, Theodore. Hehe

  10. Agatha finished making the 2 cups of tea and passed them out. She then took a sip of her tea and sighed. It is perfect, Agatha thought to herself. "Oh, I did not know you were going to be teaching a class this term, Theodore," Agatha stated. Then Arya entered the room and Agatha nodded a hello. "So far so good here. I am excited for the student to return." Agatha responded. Agatha smelled coffee, and it reminded her of home, she loved it.
  11. Agatha chuckled. If only Aunt Coco knew how in-demand her tea was here. Agatha produced another cup and began prepping Theodore's tea. "Coming right up Theodore, I love making tea this way." Agatha smiled and continued on. "Pleasure to see you too. It is an old family recipe, Onyxia. Would you like a cup as well?" Agatha asked. "It's been fun preparing for the upcoming term, Theodore, there is always something to do around here. One of the thousands of reasons why I love this job." Agatha commented, genuinely.
  12. Agatha waved her wand over the cup and the cup of tea, and tea leaves disappeared. "Always with a book it seems. This, is a tension tamer tea, an old recipe from my aunt Coco." Agatha chuckled. "Would you like some?" Agatha asked. She then took a sip of the tea and smiled. Ahhh, just right, Agatha thought.
  13. Agatha made her way down to the staff room, ready to relax a bit before handling her next set of owls. When she entered the room, she noticed that Theodore was by the fireside reading a book. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a book about Professor Dumbledore. "Hey there Theodore, having a good read?" Agatha asked as placed some tea leaves into a mug and poured hot water over them. She then placed the mug on the side table next to her favorite chair and waited for the tea to fully steep.
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