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  1. Arya took a long sip of her espresso, "Delicious as always Theo." She sighed softly as the espresso warmed her. She glanced up at him, "Piertotum Locomotor, that always was her favorite spell" finding a seat be to relax in, "she taught me how to use that spell when she retired you know." Curling her feet under her she rested her eyes and thought back to when McGonagall called on her saying, "You will need this Miss Torres, when Mister Cross needs help I know you will be his first call."
  2. History of Magic 801-Lesson One- Salem Witch Trials You walk into your first History of Magic class, a moving painting is attached to the blackboard. An old woman is front and center tied to a pole being dunked into a lake. Professor Torres is sitting at her desk head down, jotting notes into the margin of a textbook.
  3. Arya smiled up at Theo from his chair, "It's about time you showed your face" she teased. "I'm exhausted, I'll take an espresso, thanks" she twirled around in his chair, she loved their morning meetings, she got to let loose for a bit with no interruptions, and call it work. "Did you sort the giant squid out? She always seems to be tempermental this time of year." Arya was looking forward to the Summer Term feast later this evening, the students arrive and the house elves make a little extra dessert. She stood smoothing her dress and made her way to the pensive, "Remember the first time McGonagall showed us how to use this?" looking through the vials of memories.
  4. Arya made her way into @Prof. Theodore Cross's office, she had always felt at home at Hogwarts and this year would be no different. Theo and Arya had worked so hard over the last few years to build this school to it's former glory, this summer term was going to be the first with their personally picked staff. As she looked around, she noticed Theo must be running a little late for their monthly meeting. She made her way to his chair leaning back remembering the first meeting she ever had with Theo. Ten Years Earlier A twenty-year-old Arya fresh off a boat from her American excursion, planes had always frightened her and taking a grand Atlantic cruise always promised great stories. Theo had asked her to visit, he had a proposal for her. She had never been able to deny him, even when they were first years, he could cause quite a bit a stir growing up, everyone loved him, when he walked into a room the eyes that would follow him. Arya shook her head as she ascended the stairs to his office. Arya arose from her Revelations at the sound of the door opening, she glanced up to find Theo walking in.
  5. HOM801 - American History Prof. Arya Torres Summer Term 2019 Requirements to Pass This Course: In order to successfully pass this course, you must post at least 3 times in each lesson. Each of these posts should add something to the lesson wither it be entering the room, talking to other students, answering questions, or more. Each post should be at a minimum of three sentences, in order to receive credit. Topics to be Covered Lesson One - Salem Witch Trials Lesson Two - Native Americans Lesson Three - Rappaport's Law
  6. HOM801 - Class Signup & Roster Gryffindor Hufflepuff  Ravenclaw Slytherin To register for this class, reply to this topic with the following code: Name: House: Year:
  7. Sipping her coffee slowly, Arya smiled toward Agatha, "The students' return is always my favorite time of year! So many new faces and personalities." She tucked her legs comfortably underneath her in the chair. "Onyxia, you will be great! Your training went very smoothly. There is no reason to think you wouldn't excel." She smiled kindly at her colleague, Onyxia had been a great addition to the team thus far, she would hate to see her lose confidence in her abilities.
  8. Arya walked into the staff room slightly disheveled. She had just woken up after falling asleep on her lesson plans on her desk, and she was on a hunt. She needed some really strong muggle coffee, she could have conjured a cup in her office but she needed a distraction from all the work. "Well, I wasn't expecting to see so many other teachers in here at this time. How is everyone settling in for the new term?" She looked around to her fellow teachers stifling a yawn behind her hand. Making her way to the cupboards she made a cup of espresso, then wrapped her long knit sweater around her body a little tighter making her way to the open chair next to Theo.
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