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  1. Such a lovely day to relax on the castle grounds!

  2. Theodore took a sip of the tea, it was so good. "My goodness, this tea is good. Complements to you and your Aunt Coco!" Theodore commented. He loved anything muggle coffee or tea related, and this was no exception. Theodore was happy to see Arya enter the staff room as well. "Hey there Arya, always a pleasure to see you." Theodore greeted. "Unfortunately we haven't found anyone else yet, but there is still plenty of time," Theodore replied. "I am sure you are going to do great with DADA." Theodore smiled. He took another sip of his tea and relaxed a little more into the chair.
  3. Theodore was glad to hear that the two of them were remaining busy. "I have been busy as well. It's the first time in a while that I will be teaching a full term of classes." Theodore commented. In truth, he was worried that is teaching skills had become rusty. "I am taking on Muggle Studies for the upcoming term," Theodore commented. It was going to be great for him, considering his background. Theodore could not help but think about his past. He was still trying to come to terms with it. "I am in the same boat with you, Onyxia," Theodore said.
  4. The winner of the House Cup is announced.
  5. The official end of the fall term. Students may begin posting off campus again.
  6. The full list of spring term courses will be released professor applications.
  7. This the last day to enroll in courses for credit.
  8. The official start of fall term. Students must stop posting campus.
  9. The Governors are pleased to announce the following academic calendar for 2019. We look forward to exciting things in the coming terms! Summer 2019 Term June 1st - Term Begins July 31st - Term Ends Fall 2019 Term September 1st - Fall Term Begins (Students may only post on campus) September 30th - Last Day to Enroll in Courses December 1st - Winter Term Professor Applications Open December 3rd - Fall Term Ends (Students may begin posting off campus) December 5th - Final Grades & House Points Due December 7th - House Cup Announced
  10. The official end of the summer term.
  11. The official start of the summer term.
  12. Theodore nodded, "I would love some, please." He always loved trying new and different teas and coffees. It was then that Onyxia walked into the room. "Hi there Onyxia. A pleasure to see you as well." Theodore greeted. "How has your ladies work been lately?" Theodore asked.
  13. The Governors and I are extremely excited to announce the addition of @Prof. Onyxia Tillers to the Governor's board. She will be taking on these duties while remaining the Gryffindor Head of House and Defense Against the Dark Arts Department Head. Please join us in welcoming her to her position! Signed, The Hogwarts Anew Governors
  14. The Ministry of Magic is currently looking to fill the following positions. Minister for Magic's Office and Support Staff 1 - Secretary 1 - Adviser to the Minister for Magic 1 - Senior Undersecretary to the Minister 2 - Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement 1 - Department Head 3 - Aurors Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes 1 - Department Head 3 - Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Members 2 - Obliviators To Apply To apply for a position, submit a ticket under the Hogwarts Job Applications department. Support Center We look forward to reading the applications of those who apply!
  15. Hogwarts Anew is looking for shopkeepers for the following Diagon Alley shops: Eeylops Owl Emporium Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor Flourish and Blotts Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions Obscurus Books Ollivanders Quality Qudditch Supplies Rosa Lee Teagbag Scribbulus Writing Instruments Slug & Jiggers Apothecary Sugarplum's Sweet Shop Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes How to Apply To apply for a position, submit a ticket under the Diagon Alley Shopkeeper Application department. Support Center We look forward to receiving your application!
  16. Looking to post a character want ad? This is the place to post it! Want Ad Fulfilled? Was your want ad fulfilled? Please go to your original post and report it saying fulfilled so the governors may move to the archive!
  17. Theodore glanced as Agatha entered the room. It looked as if she was gonna make some tea, the ole Muggle way. And as we watched his suspicions were confirmed. "Oh, you know me, Agatha, just some lite reading as always." Theodore chuckled. "What type are you making there? It smells divine," he commented. Theodore took the time to glance around the room. He taught it was time this room finally got an update to the decor.
  18. Hogwarts Anew is looking for staff! Check out the open positions, below. Professors Positions Advanced Studies - OPEN Ancient Runes - OPEN Arithmancy - OPEN Astronomy - OPEN Care of Magical Creatures - OPEN Divinations - OPEN Flying - OPEN Herbology - OPEN Potions - OPEN Non-Teaching Positions Hogwarts Librarian - OPEN Caretaker - OPEN Groundskeeper - OPEN To Apply To apply for a position, submit a ticket under the Hogwarts Job Applications department. Support Center We look forward to reading the applications of those who apply!
  19. Registering When registering you may choose to be an adult or a student in one of the four Hogwarts houses. You will need to register with your character’s First and Last name. Face Claims/ Play-Bys You must make 10 posts to register a face claim or play-by. You may do so by checking out this topic. Classes Classes are taught during different terms. Check the calendar to see when the next term begins. A list will be posted of the available classes you may take, once the next term is close to starting. More Class Information Hogwarts Anew has a unique system for classes. We follow the three-term system, Fall, Spring, and Summer. Fall and Spring terms are normal departments and classes while summer term offers different and unique forms of study. Each professor sets their own criteria for how to pass their classes. But in order to advance to the next year, the student must obtain 3 credits in that one term. At the end of each term, a move up thread will be posted and students who have obtained three credits will reply if they want to move up to the next year. Year move-ups are not automatic! Students are encouraged to read the syllabus of each course to understand the requirements before signing up for it. House Points Here at Hogwarts Anew, we offer the opportunity to earn house points. These house points are tallied at the end of term and the Governors award the house, with the most points, the House Cup for that term. Here are a few ways you can earn house points: -Classes As you participate in classes, professors may award you house points. There are different ways to earn points in each class. -Contests From time to time, the site runs different contests. If you win the contest, a set amount of house points will be awarded to you. The amounts vary based on the contest and will be posted on the contest’s main page. -Posting Sometimes you can even earn house points just from posting around the site. -Governor Awarded Points Governors have the ability to award points however they see fit. Be active around the forums and community and you might earn yourself some extra points along the way. Contacting the Governors If you need help, we encourage you to post in the Contact the Governors forum - https://hogwartsanew.com/index.php?/forum/7-contact-the-governors/ Discord We do offer a discord server for chatting. Visit here - https://hogwartsanew.com/index.php?/settings/login/&service=2 to link your account!
  20. Theodore Cross Thirty One | Hogwarts Headmaster| Half-Blood| Single Fireside credit to cora hale @ RPG-D for this tracker
  21. Active NPCs Goblin - Gringotts Banking Inactive NPCs
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