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  1. Theodore entered the office and greeted Tempest. "Hey there, just got an interesting owl you might be interested in." Theodore greeted. He took a moment to look around the room. Same ole Tempest, he thought to himself. She always was eccentric, she loved her gold and regal decor for sure.
  2. Theodore had been doing his paperwork when an urgent owl from the ministry arrived. It seems as though the minister had been sacked a new minister was now in office. My how the world of politics moves quickly, Theodore thought. He made his way to Tempest's office, thinking that she would want to hear the news as well. When Theodore reached her office door, he knocked and awaited a reply.
  3. We now have an easier application process to become a professor. ๐Ÿ˜„


  4. Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce our bug tracker and support has migrated! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have found a bug or need support, you can access the tracker and submit a ticket using the bell icon in the user bar at the top of every page or via this link: https://hogwartsanew.com/index.php?/support/ Where to Find The Tracker: Please contact me with your questions for concerns. ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. I'd be interested in playing as well. ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. Our dark theme has been updated for the new forum version. If you find any issues, please report them in the bug tracker. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Theodore made his way to the Ministry after receiving Sabrina's letter. He knew that the political scheme has been restless, but he didn't know who exactly how bad it must have been. Theodore had heard about Sabrina many times throughout the years, including her work during the second wizarding war. Theodore made it to level one and exited the left he had been taking. He had been on this level of the ministry many times, letting his feet automatically take him to the minister's office. Once inside the lobby of the office, he waited for the secretary to motion him forward. "I am here to see Minister Crow on her request," Theodore announced. After a few moments, he was led to the Minister's office. "Hello, Minister." Theodore greeted.
  8. That's right! We here at Hogwarts Anew are an active beta site for the software we use, Invision Power Services! What this means is that from time to time there might be a few bugs you run across. We ask that you please submit a bug report with a screenshot of the error and let us know how you came about it. As new features are released we will announce them here. ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. The fall term house point winner is awarded.
  10. Fall term officially ends. Students may begin posting off campus.
  11. Applications open for the open teaching positions for the spring term.
  12. Official start of the fall term. Students are required to stop posting off campus on this date.
  13. The official end of the summer term.
  14. The official start of the summer term.
  15. Below you will find the current 2019 academic calendar. As new events are created they will be added here as well to the site's calendar feature. The calendar feature can be found in the menu. Without further ado! Summer 2019 Term *Summer term is classes that are usually fun and different than our normal terms. June 1st - Term Begins July 31st - Term Ends Fall 2019 Term September 1st - Fall Term Begins (Students may only post on campus) December 1st - Spring Term Professor Applications Open December 3rd - Fall Term Ends (Students may begin posting off campus) December 5th - Final Grades & House Points Due December 7th - House Cup Announced
  16. Theodore stopped smiling, it was exactly as he had expected. "I have reason to believe that the Minister has alternative plans for the school. From what I have gathered, he wants the brightest minds working for him at the ministry but not here at Hogwarts. I think the Minister thinks that Hogwarts is a threat to him." Theodore explained. It was all beginning to make sense now. It just proved that you have to be careful with who you trust in the world of politics.
  17. Theodore chuckled. "You know I love to take care of my friends and colleagues. But, you're welcome." Theodore said. "Yay for running water at Hogwarts! Did you know many moons ago, there were no bathrooms in the school? Odd, right?" Theodore asked. They were making their way towards the door, he made his way to open the door for Arya as the exited.
  18. Greetings Everyone, The Governors and I are pleased to announce the @Prof. Rebecca Kirby has agreed to take on the role as Gryffindor Head of House. She will also be teaching Divinations this next term. Please join me in welcoming her. We look forward to working with you!
  19. Theodore laughed. "This is very true, but the Ministry has been acting very odd lately. You never know." Theodore replied. He took a look around the room again and nodded. "Sure, it looks like things are dying down here." Theodore said. He put three galleons on the bar counter to cover both of their drinks and a tip. Theodore then got up from the seat and waited to accompany Arya back to the school.
  20. Here at Hogwarts Anew, we offer the opportunity to earn house points. These house points are tallied at the end of term and the Governors award the house, with the most points, the House Cup for that term. Here are a few ways you can earn house points: Classes As you participate in classes, professors may award you house points. There are different ways to earn points in each class. Contests From time to time, the site runs different contests. If you win the contest, a set amount of house points will be awarded to you. The amounts vary based on the contest and will be posted on the contestโ€™s main page. Posting Sometimes you can even earn house points just from posting around the site. Governor Awarded Points Governors have the ability to award points however they see fit. Be active around the forums and community and you might earn yourself some extra points along the way.
  21. Theodore chuckled. "You're always out looking for adventure, aren't you?" Theodore replied. "By chance, have you hear anything from the Ministry?" Theodore wondered. There were rumblings that they were trying to poach her from Hogwarts for a top spot somewhere in the Ministry. Theodore nodded at Tempest's comment about him looking good behind the desk. "Thank you, I only hope I can live up to some of these great heads of school." Theodore commented looking around at the various portraits around him.
  22. When posting on the forums, please adhere to the following guidelines: 1. The official language of Hogwarts Anew is English. 2. In character, posts should be posted in the third person. For Example: 3. No color text is permitted inside of posts on the forum. 4. Direct copy and pasting from another website is strictly prohibited.
  23. It sure sounded like Arya had enjoyed herself. "Wow, I have always found it interesting how each culture adapts. I have heard there may be a ministry exploration to better understand the different cultures. But we shall see." Theodore replied. "The ministry is trying to bridge the gaps they themselves have made, but I am not sure if it is going to help." he continued. Theodore glanced around the bar, there were not a lot of people there now unlike when he arrived.
  24. Theodore listened, intrigued. "I can imagine. I should take a vacation sometime and travel aboard. Theodore replied. He took the last sip of his butterbeer. "This has been pretty much the same. I had a few issues arrive when I took the position, but we can discuss that once we get back to Hogwarts." Theodore replied and winked. "There have been a few staff changes, but other than that the same ole Hogwarts." he continued. "Did you find anything interesting in Africa you might add to the course?" Theodore asked. They both shared a love of history, it was why they got along so well.
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