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  2. Sipping her coffee slowly, Arya smiled toward Agatha, "The students' return is always my favorite time of year! So many new faces and personalities." She tucked her legs comfortably underneath her in the chair. "Onyxia, you will be great! Your training went very smoothly. There is no reason to think you wouldn't excel." She smiled kindly at her colleague, Onyxia had been a great addition to the team thus far, she would hate to see her lose confidence in her abilities.
  3. Such a lovely day to relax on the castle grounds!

  4. Theodore took a sip of the tea, it was so good. "My goodness, this tea is good. Complements to you and your Aunt Coco!" Theodore commented. He loved anything muggle coffee or tea related, and this was no exception. Theodore was happy to see Arya enter the staff room as well. "Hey there Arya, always a pleasure to see you." Theodore greeted. "Unfortunately we haven't found anyone else yet, but there is still plenty of time," Theodore replied. "I am sure you are going to do great with DADA." Theodore smiled. He took another sip of his tea and relaxed a little more into the chair.
  5. Onyxia took the cup and smiled, “Thank you.” She turned her attention to Arya, “I wasn’t expecting to stay actually, but Agatha tempted me with tea.” She laughed and took a sip of the hot tea, sighing in content. “This is as lovely as it smells! I am very excited for the students to return. After finishing my training for Defense Against the Dark Arts, I’m hopeful I have a lot to teach them. Speaking of..” she paused and looked at Theodore , “Have we found a replacement yet for Care of Magical Creatures?”
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  7. I'm so happy with the way my official portrait came out!


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  9. Evelyn had had a busy day at the office. Between reading the daily briefings and attending meetings, she always felt like she had not accomplished anything. Evelyn decided she needed to unwind before heading home and she knew just the place, The Leaky Cauldron. Once inside the pub, she found an empty table in a corner that looked out upon the entire pub. Evelyn had always been fascinated with people watching, see how people interacted when they did not know they were being watched. She took out a piece of parchment and quill. Evelyn reviewed her agenda for the day and crossed out what she had accomplished. On paper, it looked like Evelyn had managed to make a dent in her workload, but to her, it did not feel like it. Evelyn motioned to her barkeeper and asked for a butterbeer. Moments they reappeared and she took a sip of the drink smiling.
  10. Happy Easter everyone!


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      Prof. Theodore Cross (G)

      Looking very festive, Agatha!

  11. Agatha finished making the 2 cups of tea and passed them out. She then took a sip of her tea and sighed. It is perfect, Agatha thought to herself. "Oh, I did not know you were going to be teaching a class this term, Theodore," Agatha stated. Then Arya entered the room and Agatha nodded a hello. "So far so good here. I am excited for the student to return." Agatha responded. Agatha smelled coffee, and it reminded her of home, she loved it.
  12. Arya walked into the staff room slightly disheveled. She had just woken up after falling asleep on her lesson plans on her desk, and she was on a hunt. She needed some really strong muggle coffee, she could have conjured a cup in her office but she needed a distraction from all the work. "Well, I wasn't expecting to see so many other teachers in here at this time. How is everyone settling in for the new term?" She looked around to her fellow teachers stifling a yawn behind her hand. Making her way to the cupboards she made a cup of espresso, then wrapped her long knit sweater around her body a little tighter making her way to the open chair next to Theo.
  13. Theodore was glad to hear that the two of them were remaining busy. "I have been busy as well. It's the first time in a while that I will be teaching a full term of classes." Theodore commented. In truth, he was worried that is teaching skills had become rusty. "I am taking on Muggle Studies for the upcoming term," Theodore commented. It was going to be great for him, considering his background. Theodore could not help but think about his past. He was still trying to come to terms with it. "I am in the same boat with you, Onyxia," Theodore said.
  14. The winner of the House Cup is announced.
  15. The official end of the fall term. Students may begin posting off campus again.
  16. The full list of spring term courses will be released professor applications.
  17. This the last day to enroll in courses for credit.
  18. The official start of fall term. Students must stop posting campus.
  19. After grabbing her book, she moves closer and nods enthusiastically to Agatha. “I would love a cup, thank you.” Onyxia sits down and places the book in her lap before turning to Theodore. “I have been quite busy actually. I was hoping to have my term completely planned out already and I’m not nearly where I want to be.” She laughs softly and shakes her head. “After taking over Defense Against the Dark Arts, I feel like I need to go back to studying.”
  20. The Governors are pleased to announce the following academic calendar for 2019. We look forward to exciting things in the coming terms! Summer 2019 Term June 1st - Term Begins July 31st - Term Ends Fall 2019 Term September 1st - Fall Term Begins (Students may only post on campus) September 30th - Last Day to Enroll in Courses December 1st - Winter Term Professor Applications Open December 3rd - Fall Term Ends (Students may begin posting off campus) December 5th - Final Grades & House Points Due December 7th - House Cup Announced
  21. Agatha chuckled. If only Aunt Coco knew how in-demand her tea was here. Agatha produced another cup and began prepping Theodore's tea. "Coming right up Theodore, I love making tea this way." Agatha smiled and continued on. "Pleasure to see you too. It is an old family recipe, Onyxia. Would you like a cup as well?" Agatha asked. "It's been fun preparing for the upcoming term, Theodore, there is always something to do around here. One of the thousands of reasons why I love this job." Agatha commented, genuinely.
  22. The official end of the summer term.
  23. The official start of the summer term.
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  25. Theodore nodded, "I would love some, please." He always loved trying new and different teas and coffees. It was then that Onyxia walked into the room. "Hi there Onyxia. A pleasure to see you as well." Theodore greeted. "How has your ladies work been lately?" Theodore asked.
  26. Onyxia brushed her hair out of her face with annoyance as she made her way into the staff room. She needed to finish a package for her family and had left one of the books for a younger cousin in the corner of the room where she usually sat. Upon entering, she noticed the headmaster and Agatha sitting in quiet conversation near the fire and Onyxia threw up a friendly wave and gave a warm smile to the two. “Ah, hello Theodore, Agatha. What a pleasure to see you both.” Onyxia paused, smelling the sweet scent of freshly brewed tea. “That smells delightful Agatha. You’ll have to tell me how you’ve made that.” She offered another smile and moved to the corner of the room where her gift lay.
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